Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Outfit Inspiration: Summer Time Fun

Hi Gorgeous!

 With the lovely weather we are in for this week (although I am aware it is still quite chilly) and in light of my and my girls booking our girly holiday for July over the weekend; I am truly inspired by all things SUMMER. So expect to see a lot of posts relating to hot weather, Summer skincare, beauty and much more.

Although we have not long entered Spring if you're anything like me you will already be window shopping for your Summer wardrobe, or already buying it. I thought I would post an outfit inspiration for you all to help you along.....

All items: Forever 21

I think this is a great outfit for a day out in really HOT weather or a daytime outfit abroad. What do you think? 


Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Rant: Wouldn't you be happier with somebody who is your own race?

Hi All!

My usual posts are based about personal style, fashion and beauty; however those of you who have been following my blog over the years will know that I can post the occasional rant here and there. So lets cut straight to the chase....

My boyfriend Tom was in the queue at a shop, the background on his phone is a photo of me, he received a message to which a random man behind saw my photo light up and the conversation between them both was this:

Man: Don't you think you would be happier with somebody who is your own race?

(Tom was baffled as you could imagine)

Tom: What?

Man: Well would you not be happier with somebody who is your own race?

Tom: No! I'm quite happy in my interracial relationship!!

(The man was apparently taken back by Tom's response and didn't know what else to say, but by them Tom had already paid for his items and walked out the building)

Now my other half is white and as you can see I am mixed race and the man he briefly conversed with was also white. It's such a rude thing to:

1. Judge others on their choice of who they love be the the same sex, opposite sex, same race, opposite race
2. Discuss their preferences in such a shocking and rude manner

I so wish I had been there to give this man a piece of my mind because it was completely unacceptable, out of order and absolutely nothing to do with him.

I had seriously forgot what it can be like being in an interracial couple and having people judge you for it. I have been in two serious relationships before Tom; my first boyfriend was white, the second mixed race like myself. It's been over 6 years since I was in my last interracial couple and now being with Tom I have started to notice the 'looks' that we get on a regular basis. And would it shock you to know that I get the looks from people of his race and he gets the looks from people of my race?

Anyone would think that we were committing some kind of crime by being together, when in actual fact the majority of US laws legalising... yes I said LEGALISING,  interracial marriage was changed in the 1960's. So 50 years ago American people saw sense in deciding that people of different races could legally marry with no penalties. The UK however from what I have seen online didn't have any laws regarding this subject, people would often get looked down on but nothing more..... kind of sounds familiar!

A lot of people I speak to on this topic are very shocked by others mentalities, they often ask what sort of 'looks' we get. It's usually a look of disbelief, what are they doing together, mmmm ok - we're very good at reading people's thoughts which I don't think they realise is written all over their faces. And our response you might ask? We sometimes stare them out which makes them feel awkward, rub it in their faces or simply ignore them - although it's harder for me to ignore then Tom.

Toms thoughts on this are;

'Everyone has their opinion on it but they should keep it to their selves.  I'm happy and I couldn't care less what people think as it doesn't bother me. It's not uncommon to see mixed couples nowadays so I don't understand why people give the looks they do or say what they do? I wonder how the people who judge us would feel if it was their child or family member who dated someone of a different race to them? Would they go about it the same way? I actually like it when we get 'the looks' because I think yes I'm white, she's mixed race and i'm happy. It must bother them a lot more then it bothers us.'

I am 100% happy, I couldn't care less if my boyfriend was white, black, mixed or green. As they say love is blind... I just wish others were not so blinded by racism and ignorance to realise this.

Have you ever experience this or something similar? Leave any comments on this topic below, I am interested on your thoughts


Sunday, 13 April 2014

Outfit of the Day: Faux Fur Collar Jacket

Hi Everyone!

Like many I am a tiny bit obsessed with Faux Fur collar everything right now.... yes even though we are into Spring and well on our way to Summer... but I can't help but want to wear it all the time.

I own two faux fur collared jackets and one of them is this lovely one from River Island. It's great too because it's not really thick enough to be classed as a coat, it couldn't protect me from bad weather and has no buttons to be able to do it up. I can remove the fur collar if I wish to also wear it like a blazer.......

Jacket - River Island
Jeggings - H&M
Converse - Vintage
Top - Primark

This was a gift from my Dad for Christmas - yes I chose it lol - but this week was only the second time I have worn it since then as it's been too cold. I'm going to say expect to see this jacket in a fair few outfit posts throughout the year and keep our eyes peeled for my other one.

What are your thoughts on this outfit and faux fur collar coats/ jackets? Do you own any?


Friday, 11 April 2014

How to cook: Pizza topped Chicken

Hi Ladies

I am currently doing the Juice Plus diet to help me shift some pounds, and one of the recommended healthy recipes is Pizza Topped Chicken. I bet you're wondering what that is? Well those that are doing the diet know that carbs are on the big NO list except for a select few such as sweet potato etc. So Pizza is definitely off the list however you can eat a similar style of pizza with this recipe.

It's best to use breast fillet however today I had mini fillets, which is fine but a bit messier to dish out. Grease an foil covered oven tray and if using a whole breast you will need to cut it into butterfly pieces or if mini fillets lay them side by side...
Cover the chicken with Tomato Puree.....

Add chopped onions and peppers and cook for 20 minutes....

Take out and add chunks of Goats cheese, then cook for another 5/10 minutes until the topping golden and the chicken is cooked through...

and serve with sweet potato and vegetables...

It's such a  yummy, different dish to try, quick and easy to make and above all healthy for any diet. Will you try it?


Thursday, 10 April 2014

All things Quirky

Hi All!

So I'm a big fan of all things quirky - I love to purchase, own and rock anything that stands out. Who else out there agrees with me, I can't be the only one? Well I thought i'd share a couple of items I adore....

'Trust No Man' Necklace
I purchased this last year at the Clothes Show Live 2013 and at the time I was VERY single and thought what the hell, I've had no luck for a while this rings true for me And then almost three weeks later I met my now boyfriend and haven't really worn it since... typical! I do love this though - lets hope the bf doesn't prove it to be right again!

Moustache & Geek Glasses Watch
This lil beaut was purchased at Forever 21 (Toronto, Canada) and goes with a fair few outfits. I think anything with moustache and geek glasses on are a given item of the 'quirk' ... do you wear anything geeky or with a notable moustache on?

Cat Ear Headband
I was given this by my Aunty last Christmas, she knows I'm mad about cats and bunnies...... and well all types of animals to be fair! I don't really think there's much else I can say about it really, but I know if I wore it out as often as I want to I would more then likely get a few odd looks!

What do you think about 'quirky' items? Share your posts dedicated to quirky items in the comments section!