Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Style Guide: Royal Ascot 2015

Hi Ladies!

Hands up those of you who are attending Royal Ascot this year? Now hands up those who haven't got a clue what to wear; outfit and hat wise? You too? Well we seem to have ourselves in a bit of a predicament here don't we ladies?!

Well here's a quick post to give you some inspiration...

In case you were unaware there are rules for attending this fabulous event so don't get caught out by the fashion police at this prestigious event. Here are just a handful of rules which can be found here:

Grandstand Dress Code:
-Headpieces must be worn at all times
-No strapless dresses
-Trousers must be full length

Royal Enclosure Dress Code:
-No strapless dresses
-Trousers must be full length
- Hats should be worn however a headpiece with a base of 4inches is acceptable as an alternative

Good luck with your search, I can't wait to see what you wear and I'll be sure to post about it right here! If you fancy sharing with me after the event be sure to leave a link here or hash tag #royalascotlivelaughlovefashion so I can see your outfits!

Images sourced from google, ascot.co.uk

Friday, 15 May 2015

May Wish List

Hi Beauts!

1. K J Millinery Fascinator 2. Boo Hoo 'Lindsay' Crop Shirt 3. Miss Pap 'Erin Khaki'Trainers 4. ASOS Furry iphone case (can be found on amazon/ebay at cheaper rates)

This month my wish list is partly based around my yearly trip to Royal Ascot and with only 32 days to go I have yet to decide on an outfit and only just choosing my fascinator this weekend. Wish me luck guys! I also saw the quirky trainers and phone case which I really feel should be owned by me!

What are your wish list items this month?


Saturday, 25 April 2015

New Hair: Outre 'Evony' Quick Weave

Hi Ladies!!!

Here's a hair review post as it's been long overdue, so lets not waste anymore time and get onto it. So this hair is called Evony is a quick weave and is made by Outre.....


This is one of Outre's most popular wigs which by definition is called a 'quick weave' as it is a half wig that you can put on, style and it looks amazing instantly.

For those that have never worn wigs I wanted to show a little step by step of what this one looks like from packet to head.

On a dolls head - straight from the packet - as you can see the curls are tightened up

This is how the wig looks as soon as I put it on - front and side views - all curls are in tact. Although this might look nice, there is no volume at this stage.

Once I made a parting I then pulled my fingers through every section of the hair to loosen all of the curls. As you can see this creates volume in the hair and in my opinion gives it a bit more personality.

The wig cap has slides in the front and the back, the Outre brand also specialises in the option to use a drawstring pull to tighten the cap. I think this is great as it gives the extra security feeling of the wig which a lot of brands; quick weave, half wig or lace front don't have!

All in all I love the look of this wig, it is the longer version of 'Creta Girl' which is by the same brand and I also own and has a fringe already trimmed in.

It's a great wig and really easy to blend in your own hair. Do any of you have this? Would you try it if you feel it would suit you?


Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Outfit Inspiration: My Favourite #ootd

Hi Beauts!

Here's a different style of outfit inspiration to the usual looks I post and it's also a mini haul post.

I got this simple tee because I loved the slogan, in the current social media world we live in where hash tags and acronyms are in full use I see no harm in having a bit of fun with it.

Tee - Primark - £3

I think you can wear tee's like this in a multitude of ways so here's just a couple of idea's I had recently....

High waisted jeans - Primark - £7
Pumps - Primark - £3

Hot Pants - H&M
Boots - New Look - £11

What are your thoughts? How would you wear it?


Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Lipstick - The perfect Nude

Hi All!

Another one of my favourite make up looks to do currently has to be wearing nude lipstick. It's the shade of lippy I can wear most days and feel super comfortable with so I tend to go through a lot of lipsticks and I also try to experiment with different brands of nude lippy.

It's also a great technique to team nude lips with dramatic eyes as it helps draw all the attention to your eye detail and eye colour. I mostly wear a standard natural/bronze shade of eye shadow as I don't have time most mornings before work to create dramatic eye looks.

I wanted to share a most recent look and share the most recent lipstick brand I've been using in a nude shade...

Lip liner - MAC - Spice
Lipstick - Natural Collection 'Coral Shimmer' with 'Rose Petal' over the top 

What are your thoughts?
If you can you recommend any other fabulous lipstick brands I can try in nude please leave a comment?