Monday, 6 July 2015

Haul: Pink & Purple goodies

Hi Y'all!

I have been quite good recently and cutting down on buying items but thought I had to do a post today because everything I've purchased today is pink or purple - how weird! I so did not plan for this to happen, it just did.

Well lets waste no more time, here are the items I have recently bought....
Headband - £4 - Primark
Headband - £4 - Primark

I love these festival style floral headbands, and in case you haven't see my hair tutorial you can click the link to see just what they look like worn in a few different ways.

T-Shirt - £6 - Primark

I love this top... for me I have my very own 'Ken' in the form of my boyfriend haha! But all jokes aside I love the cut of this top it'll go great with some leggings and high top trainers. Ooh... I might have to search for some new ones with a pink trim *lightbulb*

Lipstick - £2 - Makeup Revolution

Lacquer - Make up Revolution

Loooove these purple shades and I have tried the lacquer, it's amazing! I'm looking forward to wearing the lipstick soon.

So those are all my goodies and for such great prices too. Have you found yourself buying items in a colour theme for no particular reason?


Sunday, 5 July 2015

How to: Festival Hair Tutorial

Hi Ladies!

In case you didn't notice Festival season is here and would you be surprised at all to know that I have never been to a festival? Well yup I never have had the experience of it... I don't know I just don't think it's something I quite want to experience yet.

However on the upside I do adore festival fashion and in light of a recent haul I wanted to share with you some great ways to style your hair for whichever festival you might be attending this year. And for those who aren't this is for you too, you know I wouldn't leave use festival virgins out.

Check out my video showing three.. or maybe four hair tutorials for those attending festivals this year or just want to feel like they've experienced it.....

All information of where you can get the head pieces are under the video on You tube and don't forget to connect with my on Vine, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook by using @domaniquesings

If anyone has any questions or requests then leave a comment!


Thursday, 2 July 2015

Review: Arbonne Renewing Body Gelee

Hi Guys!

It's purpose:
As described on the packaging the gelee is for use after sports and sun exposure at the end of each day and may be left on the body overnight.

My opinion:
I used this to rub into my boyfriends back and legs after a football match, he had been complaining recently of having aches and pains quite a lot after each match so I thought why not have a try of this after seeing some positive comments about it.

The scent is a great mixture of some of the ingredients including spearmint, tangerine and lavender.. it's a lovely scent that lingers for a while and although it is called a Gelee it's not quite a gel or even jelly form.

The gelee smooths onto the skin really easily and great to use whilst massaging into the skin, although you don't want to keep massaging for long otherwise it'll dry out too much. Tom stated that it gave a lovely cooling sensation when penetrating the skin and it really helped with his aching muscles and he felt he could relax much more that evening.

I am excited to try this out myself as I think I will save it for that use, I get flare ups with my lower back sometimes and I think this could be a great remedy for that. So overall a positive review and I am looking forward to using it even more. It's only £34 and looks like it'll last a very long time, as do the majority of Arbonne products I have used in the past- not biased at all. Once again a great product produced by Arbonne!

Has anyone used this before? The packaging also recommends that it can be mixed with Arbonne's essential massage oil but I have yet to try this out also.


Sunday, 28 June 2015

Outfit of the Day: Hotpants so soon?

Hi Gorgeous!

My most recent outfit shared with you all on Vine is this weekend's outfit from when I attended a birthday BBQ and decided it was time to get the shorts out as it was such lovely weather....

Denim shirt - Forever 21
Hotpants - H&M
Pumps - Primark

However I wasn't 100% ready to get my thighs and near enough my bum cheeks out so I covered up a bit with footless tights. You can check out a better look from my Vine video...


I have to say I didn't think things through and forgot how much denim shirts cling to you in warm weather but I completely forgot to bring a change of top so I had to stick it out. And sure enough as the evening progressed and it got cooler I felt fine again.

Don't forget to follow me on Vine and feel free to leave me links to some of your weekend outfit links!


Outfit of the Day: Royal Ascot 2015

Hi Ladies!

This was my third year running attending Royal Ascot and I promised myself that I would purchase my hat or fascinator for 2015 from an independent millinery, so I decided to go with non other then Kerry over at KJ Millinery to buy my beautiful fascinator. When I went to view the current ready to wear  collection I knew I would leave there with something completely unique and striking and I very much did....


Kerry  creates some fabulous pieces and all are one of a kind too so there is never any chance of bumping into someone else at one of these types of events wearing the same hat or fascinator as yourself.

I really wanted to colour block this year, you know really stand out! So when I saw this dress over at in the Rochelle Humes collection....

I really like the way the fuschia pink and emperor purple went well with each other.

I went along with my boyfriend, mother and step dad who also looked great. Here's some more pics of of what they wore...

This year I did feel slightly let down by some of the head gear fashion to be honest, it seemed as thought there were so many of the same type of fascinators worn which was a shame. I'd really love to see more unique items next year. However, not to put a downer on things I took a few cheeky snaps of fellow attendees and here's a few of my favourite outfits from the day that I managed to get a photo of...

Do you like?

If you went this year please leave links so I can have a good old mooch.