Sunday, 20 February 2011

Review: No7 Exquisite Curl Mascara

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No7 Exquisite Curl Mascara

It's Purpose:
For curvy lashes with a sexy flutter. Lashes watch out – the latest mascara offering from No7 will coax them to a more beautifully curved and volumised look, with long lasting curl!

My Thoughts:
I am a virgin to No7 mascara's so given the opportunity to review the newest mascara to hit No7's shelves as my first ever to try I was keen to do so. By the name of the product I thought it would be perfect given the type of lashes I personally feel make my eyes look good and frame them well.

The emphasis on this mascara is that it curls and volumises at the same time. I decided to test it out for a week to get the full effect of what it can actually do for both day and night looks. For the daytime a natural, curled looked is what I obtained. It was just right and only needed two coats to get this look.

In all honesty for a night time look it is not the mascara for me, it doesn't give me that va va voom effect. Now even using my own technique of appying mascara to gain this look; which is to start at the root of my lashes and extended upwards in a back and forth motion across all lashes, I did not achieve my desired long and thick lashes.

However, I do think with this mascara you will get the curl but not so much the volume. This is my own opinion and what sort of look I want on my eyes. I do not feel that if you want to buy this mascara that you shouldn't because it does curl! Unfortunately I would not purchase this as I can not build up the mascara enough for a dramatic look. To end on a positive note I will continue to use this for the daytime as I can not fault it there!


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