Sunday, 13 March 2011

New Addition to the family: Bertie!

Hi All!!

I was awoken today by Richard telling me that his parents were off to buy a new puppy to add to their family and he was going to pick me up in 30mins! So imagine the amount of mixed emotions that ran through my mind after being woken up out of my deep sleep after only getting in after 5am? I soon got over the fact that I had been woken up because I would be meeting a cute little puppy!

So we headed on over to the house where we bought him and here he is....

Bertie the Bassett Hound

Unfortunately he was the runt of the litter (the last to be purchased) and therefore quiet skinny. Whilst were there we didnt question this too much but afterwards we realised Bertie is far to tiny to just be labelled 'runt of the litter'.

He ate like he had never been fed before.. like literally like he was starving and then threw it all back up, I feel so sorry for the guy! He is booked in to visit the vets tomorrow so he can be checked out properly. These photos do not show just how bad he looked he had actually just eaten and we could tell the difference in his body- like he had filled up from a few bites!

Luckily he has pearked up now and is running around like he has always been here! Look out for more photos over the coming weeks!



Antonette said...

omg :( he's so skinny and small this makes me sad

ABIGAIL NY said...

He's so small but looks cute!

Doma-Nikki said...

Thanks for the comments girls. He is adorable!! :)

Carlito86 said...

Aww how cute! xx