Friday, 4 March 2011

Spartoo Spotlight: Pieces

Hi All!!

Here's another brand I thought I best post about that is available over at Spartoo for you guys to check out.

Pieces is another brand I had not heard about until browsing through the brand tab on Spartoo. The brand has a very casual style to it using a palette of mainly neautrals and tan which means many of the items will go with any outfit. Pieces range includes bags, belts, shoes and jewellery which is great as there should be something for everyone.

This brand caught my eye because the bags are definately what I would use for daytime wear and the prices are so reasonable! I tend to wear shades of cream and browns a lot so they would fit right in with my wardrobe and i'm sure many of yours. Especially with the Safari trend that we will all be rockin' this summer!

Check out these items that I like....

So you liked these then get over the Spartoo now and have a look at what else they have to offer. A few of the items are also reduced at the moment so you might get yourself a bargain!


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