Sunday, 20 March 2011

Update on Bertie the puppy!

Hi All!!

I wanted to quickly update you on the healthy progress of Bertie who is Richard and his parents new puppy! They have had him for exactly a week now which I made a post about just here and as you will see he was very underweight and neglected!

This week has been eventful as we almost lost Bertie Tuesday night, he was very ill which meant he spent a night on a drip in puppy hospital. The vets advised us that he could possibly pass away that night, but luckily Bertie pulled through and has been getting better and better as each day passes. Although he is still so small for 10 weeks and underweight for a Bassett Hound at that age he seems to be very happy in his new home.

We took him for his first walk yesterday which was so funny, he hasn't quite figured out yet how to walk on a harness and what he is actually supposed to do. But for his first walk he did brilliantly... even with a lot off stopping and starting......

He is the cutest thing!

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Rosa and Carlotta: Illustrated-Moodboard said...

omg puppies are so cute!! :)


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