Friday, 22 April 2011

Oufit of the Night: I finally wore my feathers

Hi All!!

Another night out means another outfit for you all. This is from last night and I got a tad bit drunk again.. luckily i'm actually NOT hanging today *big grin*

I do however think the absence of a hangover today might have something to do with the Macdonalds I had before bed, the Macdonalds I had for breakfast and soaking up the sun with ice cold lollies? I love the warm weather.

Anyways take a peak at my outfit....

Taxidermy rooster feather cape- Handmade
Dress: New Look

Heels: Barratts

If you remember I posted about these handmade feathers here and I am so glad I got to wear them yesterday! I did get mixed reactions the odd immature 'is that roadkill' joke which I was expecting but I just feel like some people in Wolverhampton haven't got a clue about style, individuality or originality.

Anyone else get that feeling sometimes? About friends, family, hometowns?



Isabel said...

The feathers are lovely! Why would someone say something mean like that.. I think it's a very nice touch to the otherwise plain dress =)

kENDRA wILLSON said...

absolutely gorgeous!

ShopeDelano said...

The feathers are amazing! I COMPLETELY get what you mean about people not understanding style and individuality, especially where I live! There's so many things I want to wear, but always think twice because of what people might think! Ahh. xxx

Dominique W. said...

Wow is that all one piece? It's so classy.