Friday, 8 April 2011

Tips: How to do bright make up!!

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It's a known fact that sometimes when we do our make up whether it is morning, noon or night that when we go out and about it doesn't quite look as good, as neat or bright as we thought it did when we last looked at ourselves in our dressing table mirrors. The worse evidence we often receive of our make up is in a photo taken that day/night. Today I thought I would do a quick guide of how to make your make up POP!!

Primer & Foundation
A Primer is applied to help smooth out your skin to get that flawless photo finish. Apply foundation primer after you’ve cleansed and moisturized your skin and before you apply foundation. Starting with the base; everyones skin is completely different and therefore we all need to use a good foundation (liquid/powder/cream) that matches your skin type and shade.

Blush lifts our face instantly and is available in a wide selection of shades for every occasion. To make your blush really pop, first apply a underlayer such as a creme blush or highlighter and then apply your powder blush. This will really grab the powder blush and help make the shade brighter. A pigmented blush will always stand out, try sweeping a tiny bit of highliter over the apples of your cheeks!

As with your foundation a really good eyeshadow base such as a eye shader pencil or concealer will hold your eyeshadow, prevent it from creasing and make your shadow pop. Ideally for those brights such as blue, turquoise and silver try and use a base that is the same shade as your eyeshadow.

Always always apply a lip base such as lip balm to smooth out your lips. Then apply a lip pencil by outlining your lips and also colouring your lips which will help keep the lipstick in place and also stop it from bleeding. Apply your lipstick and then top it off with a lipgloss.

This is all the steps I take to help my make up stand out so I hope this helps anyone who was unsure on this topic. If you need step by step tutorials visit YouTube and take a peek at some fab Make-up Artists videos!


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