Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Trends: Lets go Wild

Hi All!

So summer is just around the corner like literally only a couple of months away!!!! Incase you didn't know I looooove Summer and I am always at my happiness at this time of year no matter what is going on in my life! The sunshine has a way of making me smile :o)

Anywaaaaaaays the Animal/Safari/Wild trend is up and coming this year and I thought I would show you all some top items for these trends and it's cool that you can mix them all up to suit your own styles!

Take a peek...

What do you think of this trend?



fashiondoll said...

love it all!!

followed u,hope u follow me back<3

invisible_squirrel said...

I really like it, especially like the shorts and tshirt outfit, can't wait to book my holiday now!