Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Fiat by Gucci

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Let's talk for a minute about collaborations between different brands and people; they can often turn out to be quite bad, just so so or fantastic and today's post is about the latter. I wanted to show you the latest collaboration between two well known companies and that is the Italian car brand Fiat and designer fashion label Gucci.

How, when and why you may be thinking? Well these two well known brands have come together to design and create a Special Edition Fiat 500 with the iconic and unique Gucci stripe We all know of the famous perfume advert and quote 'Gucci by Gucci' well the special edition car is the '500byGucci' - not as catchy as the advert mind but I see where they're going with it.

Launched at Milan Fashion week, presented at the Geneva International Auto Show with it's own Gucci pop up store and Fiat stand the Fiat 500 by Gucci comes in black and white colours. The unique eye-catching glossy pearl glass paint complement one another: black – with detailing in shiny chrome paired with interiors that contrast sharp black and white or for a contemporary and racy feel; white – with satin chrome detailing and ivory and black interiors – for a softer, sophisticated look.


Those Fiat/Gucci fanatics will have to spend between £14,000 and £15,000 for this one of a kind designer car. If you are interested in purchasing it you will have to wait until Summer 2011.

Initially the new car will be available exclusively online, and is another example of Fiat’s use of e-commerce to sell vehicles, having already enjoyed success with cars such as the special edition Fiat 500 Pink and Fiat 500 Matt Black. The fully automated on-line sales scheme allows customers to pay a deposit, order it directly from the factory, track the car’s progress, make a final payment and even arrange special delivery of the car to their home. Customers will be able to visit www.fiat.co.uk/500bygucci when it goes live later this month. This is also available as a link from the official www.500bygucci.com website.

I like the idea of this collaboration and my personal opinion of the car is firstly how cute it and could see myself driving this car through the city with sun shining wearing none other then my Gucci shades. What are your opinions on the collaboration and the car?


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Earnest said...

I really like this collaboration, between such a cute looking car and one of my favorite fashion brands. I definitely would love this as my new car.