Monday, 23 May 2011

New to my Modelling Portfolio

Hi All!!

I wanted to show you some of the new images from my most recent shoot that I have added to my portfolio. I had been looking forward to this shoot for a loooooong time and enjoyed every minute of it.

Not all of these are edited...

Thats just a few.. there are tons more I could show you but my laptop feels like it might crash at the moment, I need an upgrade!!

Overall we were shooting for just over 6 hours on the farm and mainly in the woods down the road. They say never work with children or animals but Rocky was great although he wasn't a fan of the photographers flash. We didn't use that in the shoot as it spooked him far too much.

What do you think?



Meowcake said...

You are absolutely stunning. These pictures are beautiful as are you! I hope you enjoy the bikini I send you <3

Cara Robinson said...

I love the first one! You look amazing in all of them :) xx

L.T. said...

The first picture is so pretty. I love the horse and bohemian effect to it.