Wednesday, 18 May 2011 Plus size dress trends

Hi All!!

Today I am dedicating this post to the curvier readers that come across my blog. I wanted to show you all some fab dresses found on One Stop Plus. I'm being totally honest here I never really thought of posting specifically about plus size dresses but why not?! No discrimination on my blog and I never would have thought that any of my posts would not be directed to my curvy readers. So please ladies.... read on!!

The website I will be talking about; One Stop Plus has some really nice items available to purchase and also they currently have a bit of a sale going on so if I was you I would head over there and take a peak because you may get lucky with a cheeky 50% off purchase.

Whilst having a mooch around I noticed some fab trends.....

Great for showing off the cleavage and teamed with a waist belt makes any dress look fab

Draping in the right places hugs the body and adds that extra bit of Greek goddess style to a dress.

Summer is on it's way and this style of dress is essential for

A cute shift dress can be teamed with a sleevless jacket/waistcoat as you can see in this pic. Great item that can be dressed up or down with accessories for a daytime or nightime look.

I think the dresses above are fab for summer time wear and with the 50% off mid season sale currently going on some bargains are to be had!

I would definately recommend this site as the items I have posted here are just a fraction of what is available. So what are you waiting for?

This post is in association with One Stop Plus

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pindi said...

Clap! Clap! Clap! i think its great innovation!