Saturday, 14 May 2011

Outfit of the Day: Rock Chick

Hi All!!

Here is something different I wore the other day to work, a little rock chick style outfit for you. Something I don't tend to do often either so I hope you like it, and again I decided to pose a little for you.....

Jacket: Playboy

Top: Primark

Skirt: Vintage Topshop

Belt: Primark

Tights - Primark

Socks: Primark

Boots: Primark

Also Richard left these vintage sunglasses that scream Ray Bans to me, at mine so I thought i'd take advantage and wear them out in the sunshine......

Hope you liked!



Carlito86 said...

Love the skirt, really suits you xx

♥ Sadie ♥ said...

Love the outfit, that look really suits you.

Sadie xx