Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Time to get fit?!

Hi All!

I've wanted to get 'fit' for a while and every summer I always attempt to eat healthier and exercise for my holiday and this year is no different. I know I am not overweight or anything but you know when you just want to look and feel great from your own POV? Yup thats me right now!

I currently own three fitness dvd's and I only see one of them as a challenge which is the Ministry of Sound: Ultimate Workout...

... but as I have owned it for roughly 3/4 years I am getting bored of it now. It is a great work out and for the time it came out has some classic tunes on there to workout to. I used to do this one quite frequently as I could see the difference and I enjoyed it.

I have been looking around and I like many people out there want to see my results fast so after reading tons of positive reviews I decided on getting Jillian Michaels 30 day shred....

I don't watch The Biggest Loser but I am aware of this lady and I am so looking forward to a good workout with this dvd. At only £5.99 from I can not resist and I think I may just keep a little weekly diary of my progress.

I know I must cut back on eating a load of crap to help me out and I don't want to loose too much weight, I actually would just prefer to ton up. So to start off I will use it a couple of times to see which parts of the dvd suit the areas I want to work on.

Exciting times, wish me luck!!



invisible_squirrel said...

I don't wish to upset you but its only a fiver from! its is good though, bit repetitive but does the job! Ive stopped feeling like im going to die when I do it now!

Carlito86 said...

I have the one that came out before that I think, the one that came out at the same time as the Call on Me song. I havent done it for so long, I also have Charlie Brooks (Janinne off Eastenders!)and I recently got them both out again, although I've only done the Charlie one so far xx