Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Wishlist: Paper Lashes

Hi All!!

As you know I visited the Beauty UK show on Sunday and whilst I was there I came across these amazing unique lashes called paper lashes made by Paperself. I have never seen anything like these, so if you have already I apologise but to me they are just WOW! Like the usual false lashes we wear, with these you can either apply a full strip along your lashline or cut them into small sections and wear them at the corner of each eye.

Take a peek at these....

How cool are they?

The design's that I really would like to have my eyes on are; this Peacock design....

and this Deer & Butterfly design...

I def will be purchasing something from the online store soon and priced around the £10 mark each I think it will be a great buy.

What are your thoughts?

All images sourced from online store

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