Saturday, 21 May 2011

Wrist Candy

Hi All!!

I have added some fabulous wrist candy to my watch collection which I thought I would show to you all. I don't tend to wear watches often but I do have a collection of watches with dead batteries that are boxed away for when I can actually be bothered to get them changed, anyone else do stuff like that?

I've never been that fussed about wearing them as I always use my phone to check times. After seeing these two all that went out the window....

Two very different styles of watches at bargain prices......

Geneva watch @ Harvey George Jewellery
With the toy watch trend from last year I couldn't not own one of these. I had just not see any watches that suited me enough to buy until I saw this one and I love it. I wanted it in white rather then any other shade as I felt it would go with a lot more outfits. I bought it at a charity event my mother organised a few months ago but had to have it replaced as it didn't fit right. The owner of the boutique sells some lovely jewellery which I and some of my family members have also purchased. Another item I have from HG Jewellery is a leopard print ring.

Lipsy Watch @ Selfridges
A statement watch if there ever was one! Rather then a strap this watch has a clasp and huge jewels placed around the time. I have never seen anything like it so I had to buy it at such a bargain price in the sale!

What's your favourite?

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Elizabeth Dawson said...

That really is a very good price for the Geneva watch. Often watches made by popular brands cost more than most people's budget allows, but you seem to have found a very reasonable deal there! There are plenty of online stores that sell relatively cheap watches, so for more deals you could perhaps use Google to find some good watch selling websites. If it's easier you could go straight there with this link and check out the fashion watches here. Hopefully you find another bargain!