Thursday, 9 June 2011

Help: Red Leggings?!!

Hi All!!

I need your sexy fashionista's help... I have recently purchased some red vintage leggings from Cow Vintage for only £4... yes £4!! But I haven't a clue what to wear them with?!

So what was the reason for buying them you may ask? Well my first and foremost idea was to use them for photoshoots as I do have a bag full of clothes, lingerie, jewellery and accessories that I only use for photoshoots so they always look brand new. And I thought why not add these to the bag because they're different, really out there and very cheap!

But in all honesty I want to wear them for a night out... just once I might add! So I am asking you to help me out if possible. I have been searching the internet for inspirational photos regarding red leggings and my top outfits are the following...

The first outfit is by far my favourite, although she is wearing jeans rather then leggings I think it goes so well! I also think that each outfit is so different and great for different sorts of occasions too.

What are your thoughts? Let me know what outfit you think I would like best in or any other ideas you have. At the moment I think the white heels and top are my current favourite!

All images sourced from Google/Lookbook


♥ Sadie ♥ said...

I like the first outfit best, very chic with the white and not too in your face.

Sadie x

Doma-Nikki said...

Thanks chick, I def agree loving the first look :)

invisible_squirrel said...

Definitley looks good with white or cream. A smart shirt like the top one would look great!

pindi said...

Of cause the first outfit will look good! because white n red are always good together and that's "expected"! but i would really like to see you wear your red leggings with a rather contracting colour eg, green blazer OR loose orange top etc.. on condition you go easy with the shoes e.g camel OR stone etc

ive seen many bloggers get away with it and it looks amazing! and im sure it will look twice as good on you!

P.S make sure you post the outfit!


pindi said...

LOL my friend just pinched me saying that's the worst advice ever and you'll look like a xmas tree!! ha ha ha aaaa

lol i dont know there is something about red and green that makes me go.. arha!!!