Monday, 6 June 2011

A little update on things...

Hi All!!

How are you guys? Last week was one of the most hectic and exhausting experiences of my entire life to date. To cut a long story short me and The Rockettes auditioned for X Factor last week infront of Gary Barlow, Kelly Rowland, Tulis and Louie Walsh. We didn't get through which is a shame but we met the gorgeous Dermot O'Leary...

We were not what the judges were looking for which is absoutley fine, they didn't like our style but we knew before audition that it could go either way. Unfortunately our X Factor journey ended there infront of the panel and we're not bitter we will still keep doing our shows around the West Midlands because our Pub/Club/Restaurant audiences seem to love us.

However I will say I do believe that the shows producers know exactly who they are putting through before any live auditions as plenty of talented singers auditioned and didn't get through which is a shame and to hear 'we don't think you're ready' or 'come back next year' over and over.. well no one wants to hear that do they, expecially when the audience don't agree.

I haven't been 100% well this weekend either, I think i'm still recovering from all the drama and lost sleep due to X Factor. I was ill yesterday too and to top it off have come to the decision that I am allergic to a certain eyelash glue I have been using..... it just seems to get worse lol.

To end on a positive note I did go to Blackpool for the annual birthday celebrations on Saturday for my Uncle Juniors 45th, so I have 'outfit of the night' post coming up soon.

Hope you are all doing well and please bear with me whilst I get back to my old self.... i'm just too tired to do anything but work, eat and sleep.


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Meowcake said...

Sometimes it's more rewarding earning it right from scratch. Don't give up! And it's not like the X Factor guarantees success. I mean, look at Shayne Ward. He's been dropped from his label! "That's my goal" indeed Shayne!