Thursday, 23 June 2011

My take on Black Barbie

Hi All!

First of all I want to say no this is not about Nicki Minaj, as much as I love her unique style and MCing, this post is about the Black Barbie, you know the plastic kind. As a young girl I played with Barbie, Cindy and Ken. I had a doll house, cars, furniture and clothes upon clothes.

Out of my full collection I owned one black barbie doll. You may think 'so whats the big deal' and your right as a child I more then likely wasn't all that bothered that I only owned one black barbie. Actually scratch that, who remembers Cricket? My mom searched high and low for a black version in the UK and I do believe she bought it on a trip to visit family in Canada. Anyways back to the point, I think if there were more dolls of many different race when I was younger I would have wanted them in my collection but that was never an option. This is the point of my post, when I was a girl there was no option to own so many different dolls which are all so appealing nowadays.

I have noticed more recently that there seems to be more and more barbie dolls of different races, and I like it! If I was a child now I would thrive on owning so many different ethnic barbies.

Times are changing and I wanted to show you these photos of some fabulous creations...

To think I missed out on playing with those fashionistas!

All images sourced from Tumblr

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