Thursday, 9 June 2011

Website of the Month:

Hi All!!

I have come across the best jewellery website in a long while and you know me, I just had to share this with you! Litter is an American based brand that specialises in body jewellery made from chain and alsorts of funky items to adorn your bodies with. The brand quite literally provides jewellery for every part of your body; head to toe.

Just check out these hawt items....

and the more wacky items.....

I can't say the facial items are something I would try out, maybe for a photoshoot but not for a night out hehe!

How fabulous are these items? If you've seen items such as the arm, ankle, body jewellery before then no worries, here's just another outlet for you view and see if there is anything you might want to purchase. If however you hadn't like me then MY OH MY!!!

If any of you remember I did previously post about a trend that doesn't seem to be picked up by the high street yet and that is the thigh garter/jewellery trend. I posted about it briefly here whilst wearing a feather boot cuff on my thigh. It got mixed reviews but i'm all for individuality and more then not people liked it! I want more items to wear on my body now!!!

I do really think this brand is amazing, I just wish I was rich enough to pay out £80+ per item. You all know me i'm a bargain queen so as much as I adore these items I really can't afford to buy them.. but maybe one day?!

What do you think?

All images sourced from head over there to take a peek of the fabulous items!!

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