Friday, 17 June 2011

Wishlist: Quirky Rabbit Hutch/Run for Missy

Hi All!!

Now that my bunny Missy is outside permanently in her two storey hutch I have been looking around for some rabbit run's so that she has access to the garden during the Summer.

I have never owned a rabbit run in the 10years I have owned pet rabbits, this is because all the rabbits I have owned have been trusted with running free of the garden and coming to me when they are called. Yes I trained them well, but this is different with Missy.

I do love Missy to bits and pieces but she lives up to her name so much! In actual fact she should be known as 'Madame'. She is the complete opposite to all the rabbits I have owned she really does not like human company to say the least. But never mind I still love her.

Back to the reason for this post, I really really really want to purchase a rabbit run for her and whilst searching online for a reasonable priced/size hutch I came across these.......

At £650 I can only dream!!!
How cute is it though really? I know that the paint job and interior wouldn't last all that long but my oh my it is a stunning hutch!

Any this cute little run.....

This looks like a lot of fun too.....

But alas I can not afford any of them, and therefore I will keep these items on my wishlist for the time being. Hopefully in the future I would like to own more then one bunny or become a rabbit breeder and maybe, just maybe I will then afford to buy one of the above.

I think for now I will settle with something such as this...

Anyone got any recommendations for runs around the £50 pricing?
What do you think of the first rabbit house?



Meowcake said...

Get a DIY friend to make a simpler version for you for free or really inexpensive cost. Then add features yourself and paint :)

Doma-Nikki said...

The only person I know that could possibly make something fab is my future father in law (haha wishing) but he is ill and I dont want to burden him with this :)