Friday, 5 August 2011

Currently Loving: Aqua Couture

Hi All!!

I have been a big fan of Aqua Couture ever since I spotted my perfect birthday dress last year which you might remember by this photo.....

Ever since then I have loved every design that Aqua have created be it a dress, jumpsuit or top. I just wish I could afford to stock up my wardrobe with more then one dress!! The website has recently been revamped and a new selection of items uploaded over the past few months but the brand is also available to purchase on

I love the structure of each dress made, so out there and original. I do believe that some items are more suitable for special occasions rather then just your typical night out up town. However there are some more 'simple' designs suitable for a random night out. If you've been reading my blog long enough you should know which style I prefer!

Just take a peak at these items I saw on asos.......

What do you think of Aqua Couture?



Nora Schu said...

Those are awesome dresses!
I especially like the one you're wearing.


HayleyWilletts said...

That 3rd dress is amazing. Too special for any night out though. x