Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Birthday Gifts: My blingin' Heels

Hi All!!

I was going to do a post with photos of everything I was given for my birthday but to be honest I just wanted to show you all these...

Heels: Schuh

For every birthday in the office at work my colleagues and I always put money towards purchasing a gift for the birthday girl/boy. As it was my turn to have a birthday they all put together and got me a voucher for Schuh so that I was able to buy the above heels which I had been lusting after for months! They also got my cupcakes rather then a big birthday cake and a birthday card!

More photos of the heels.....

So yes I wont be posting photos but I will tell you however what else I was given...
♥ Ann Summers Birthday Dress from Richard
♥ Holiday to Tenerife for 4 people for 3 nights from mom
♥ Gold Straighters from mom (unsure of brand but flippin' brill straightners)
♥ River Island Vouchers
♥ 2x Bottles of Champagne
♥ Money
♥ Bits and bobs!



mixnmatch1 said...

wow you lucky thing,some fantastic pressies there and the shoes are GORGEOUS, enjoy :)

Saz said...

Gorgeous shoes! I was eyeing those up the other day! Hope you had a fab birthday x

G A B Y said...

Amazing heels! I really need some like those!