Wednesday, 28 September 2011

A late posting and the reason why...

Hi All!!!

This post is very late for me to be posting as this photo was actually taken about a month or so ago?! Basically there is a story behind why this photo has not been posted sooner and to be honest it reminds me of a very horrific night. For those of you who don't know me personally or follow me on twitter I was assaulted by a guy the same night this photo was taken.

Long story short two guys started on my boyfriend and one of them turned onto me. Fortunatley they were both arrested and cautioned by the police, unfortunately my boyfriend was too. I chose not to press chargers any further on this man, or should I say boy, as the whole case would have had to go to court and with my boyfriend attempting to get into the army a court case with fighting wouldn't go down well. I know sods law!!

But I am ok and luckily for me I received no visible bruises etc but the hurt actually lay within. You know me guys I never post stuff like this but as it is my blog and I have been speaking to many of you for years now I am sure you will all understand.

But here is a look I wanted to show you all and now I am not angry anymore of the memory this photo or any others of that night bring me....

Inner Eye: Barry M 'Old Gold'
Eyelid: MAC 'Da Bling'
Outer Eye: MAC 'Parfait Armour'

I hope you liked this look.



Sophie said...

wow can't believe that happened to you and your boyfriend :(
on the plus side, you look ABSOLUTELY STUNNING in that photo! xxx

pindi said...

Ouch, im so sorry about that! and its very good that you are over it now.. i hope Richard wasnt hurt as well:-)

anyway, you making looks the bomb!


pindi said...

Ouch! im so sorry about what happened, im glad you ok and i hope Richard is too!

anyway.. that look is da bomb! keep up the good work *wink*


♥ Sadie ♥ said...

How awful, what twats!!! Glad you and your bf are okay.

Sadie x