Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Celebrity Style: Amber Rose

Hi All!!

If you haven't heard of this women yet I am not too sure where you have been? I have only really been noticing Amber Rose' style in recent months but have been well aware of her presence on the hip hop scene since she first stepped out as the girlfriend of Kanye West. At present she is dating Wiz Khalifa- but my post is not about her personal love interests, it is about her personal STYLE!

Being a curvy girl myself who adores all things tight I love what she steps out in on the red carpet and on her nights out. And lets not forget her platinum blonde shaved head, how many people can pull that look off? A very small number I think! Although I am not really a fan of people who wear sunglasses indoors, I find it quite pretentious in ways but she has made striking shades apart of her statement look.

Check out my favourite of her looks.....

I think it is refreshing when a women embraces her curves and isn't afraid to make a statement via her outfit.

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Audrey♥ said...

I agree she isn't afraid to make a statement. love her style - it's really varied and she always wears such fun colours!