Friday, 25 November 2011

Christmas Countdown

Hi All!

As it is 25/11/11 I want to do a post because on this date next month it will be CHRISTMAS DAY!!!! So it is officially 29 days until the big day (listen to me sounding like it's a wedding or some sort) and I am really excited now and wanted to share some images I found on good old Tumblr....

Christmas Decorations

Candy Canes

Twinkle Lights

Santa Costumes

Christmas Movies

Christmas Pressies and Goodies

I love these, really makes me feel excited for this season. If you think i'm overreacting slightly now then wait until it gets closer to 25th December!!!

I also mentioned on my Twitter account (@Doma_Nikki) earlier this week that I will be having a Christmas Giveaway so watch this space for that announcement and to see what prizes I will be giving away. I will tell you though that they will all be Burts Bees and Lush goodies :)

Images sourced from tumblr


Marianna said...

I love christmas!! I can't wait!!

Kelly said...

You're not too early, its after Thanksgiving. I love Christmas too! It's my favorite time of the year. The pics are so pretty, you just reminded me that I wanted to decorate my blog.


SincerelyMally said...

Im getting excited about Christmas also!!!!! I think I want that cat ahhaha


*new reader*

Lauren ♥ said...

EEeee, you just made me feel super excited about Christmas - not long now!! =p

~ Lauren <3