Monday, 7 November 2011

Outfit of the Nights: The boots are back

Hi All!!

Let me just start off by sayingonce again how much I hate the winter weather!!! I really really can't stand being cold :( Having said that, I do like wearing knitwear and I adore the Christmas Season but the coldness just hurts my feelings haha!

Well the colder weather has given me a good reason to get some old winter clothes out and amongst these were my Leopard print thigh highs...

Cardigan = Vintage
Top = H&M
Scarf = Market
Leggings = H&M
Boots = Office

I am looking forward to getting my Christian Dior Moonboots out next, but that won't be until extreme conditions hit us!

What items have you been excited to get out of hibernation?



Sher said...

U look stunning as always,always love
Your fashion style&ur hair hun

Look forward to wearing my jumber dresses
And boots lol

Doma-Nikki said...

Thank you :)