Thursday, 8 December 2011

Christmas Presents on a Budget

Hi All!!

I thought I would do a post for those who might be on a bit of a budget this Christmas when it comes to their present shopping. I love to get fab gifts at cheap prices, it always helps when you know you have bought a lovely gift for someone and helped yourself at the same time by saving money.

Take a look at these items I came across for £50 or less...

At the moment the website has 1/2 price on selected fragrances you might just find someones fav fragrance to purchase on the cheap

For Him
Paul Smith Extreme £16.09

For Her
Guess i'm yours

River Island
A fair few people like a bit of extra fashion to add to their wardrobe this time of year. You might spot some cool items

For Him
Kayne West Tshirt £20

For Her
Red Belted Cardigan £38
Every now and then someone fancies a new time piece to adorn their wrist

For Him
Adidas £37

For Her
Adidas £37
Why not treat your buddy to a big hamper full of treats?

For Him
1980's Decade Box £38.57

For Her
Chocolate Feast Box £34.42

I hope some of these items are inspirational for some of you and help you out! Good Luck!!



Sharon said...

Great picks hun,thanx for sharing

♥ Sadie ♥ said...

I love the sweetie hampers :) x