Monday, 5 December 2011

Review: Feather Punks

Hi All!!

'Feather Punks' Feather Extension

It's Purpose:
Handmade feather extensions that are clipped into your hair for decoration. This is what the website reads...

Each hair feather ranges from 2" to 14" in length and commonly come from the rooster all feathers are real unless stated otherwise.

The hair feathers can be treated similar to your own hair and can washed, dried, straightened and curled (on a low heat)

They are attached with a silicone lined micro bead which does no damage to your hair and can last up to 4 months if looked after correctly and maintained on a regular basis (every 4-6 weeks).

The feather itself can be refitted time and time again dependant on its condition, if the feathers fall out for any reason keep them flat and come back and we'll refit them for a reduced price :)

Hair feathers are suitable for all sizes of PUNKS, adults, Kids and Dogs !

Please contact us to find out what colours and styles we currently have in stock as they vary due to seasons.(Grizzy feather is colour/black stripe)

Hair feathers are also available in clip ins and can be custom made.

My Opinion:
Having been sent this to review I was very eager to let you all know about this product. You may have noticed I am a big fan of things in my hair such as headbands and flowers. I have also worn a feather headband also and I was really interested in this product as I have seen them around.

I wore it to the Clothes Show Live and actually got a couple of people tell me they thought it was pretty and really went well with my outfit. I requested the colour theme which is an available option. The clip itself is very easy to use and really small, if you wear clip in extensions you will be familiar with the style of clips used. Not only do Feather Punks sell these feathers but they also do punk strands which is like having strands of tinsel in your hair. Great items to spice up your hair and def thumbs up!!

What do you think?


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The doll on fashion said...

I really like it. I'd definitely look at getting a clip in one in the summer!

The doll on fashion