Sunday, 27 February 2011

Nails of the Day

Hi All!

I finally got round to using one of my Front Cover nail polishes that was given to me in the 2011 Christmas nail set by my ex-colleagues at Boots gave me as part of my leaving pressie last year.

It is not surprising that I used the pink shade first as it is my favourtie colour to paint my nails but here is how it turned out.....


Outfit of the Night: Fringing

Hi All!

I went out Thursday night to my local Oceana - where I always go - to see Donaeo perform. I thought I would show you what I wore at this fun night out...

Top: River Island
Skirt: H&M
Boots: Miss Diva

Here is how I did my make up....

I hope you liked it!


Friday, 25 February 2011 Fancy Footwear

Hi All!

I was recently having a look over at the website and couldn't keep my eyes off these wedges!

I am not usually a big fan of wedges but I do like these and anything that stands out, you should all know by now I adore!


Trends: Bright Colours

Hi All!!

Let's think a little ahead here and just imagine hot weather, days filled with shopping, beer gardens and nights you'll never forget! Yes i'm talking about Spring/Summer again as Winter will be over very soon! And what better way to bring in the new season with bright, block colours in our wardrobes?

This is not the time to be shy when there are so many shades we can choose from such as; Coral, Turquoise, Neon Pink, Canary Yellow... I could go on! I am really interested in this trend and I already know that I will be purchasing; some green jeans and hot red shoeboots.

Here are some items I liked....

What are your thoughts on this trend?


New images in my modelling portfolio

Hi All!!

Just wanted to let you all know my laptop is playing up at the moment hence the lack of blog posts recently! Looks I will be posting as often as I am able to on Richard's PC.

Whilst i'm here I thought I would show you my latest photos added to my modelling portfolio....

Hope you liked!


Sunday, 20 February 2011

Review: No7 Exquisite Curl Mascara

Hi All!

No7 Exquisite Curl Mascara

It's Purpose:
For curvy lashes with a sexy flutter. Lashes watch out – the latest mascara offering from No7 will coax them to a more beautifully curved and volumised look, with long lasting curl!

My Thoughts:
I am a virgin to No7 mascara's so given the opportunity to review the newest mascara to hit No7's shelves as my first ever to try I was keen to do so. By the name of the product I thought it would be perfect given the type of lashes I personally feel make my eyes look good and frame them well.

The emphasis on this mascara is that it curls and volumises at the same time. I decided to test it out for a week to get the full effect of what it can actually do for both day and night looks. For the daytime a natural, curled looked is what I obtained. It was just right and only needed two coats to get this look.

In all honesty for a night time look it is not the mascara for me, it doesn't give me that va va voom effect. Now even using my own technique of appying mascara to gain this look; which is to start at the root of my lashes and extended upwards in a back and forth motion across all lashes, I did not achieve my desired long and thick lashes.

However, I do think with this mascara you will get the curl but not so much the volume. This is my own opinion and what sort of look I want on my eyes. I do not feel that if you want to buy this mascara that you shouldn't because it does curl! Unfortunately I would not purchase this as I can not build up the mascara enough for a dramatic look. To end on a positive note I will continue to use this for the daytime as I can not fault it there!


Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Competition Winner: £50 Spartoo Voucher

Hi All!!!

The time came for me to pick the winner of my £50 voucher giveaway for the online shoe store Spartoo. After the competition entry deadline ended at midnight on Valentines Day I wrote up all entrants names and randomly picked a winner. I can now announce the winner of the voucher giveaway competition as *drum roll*....

Congratulations Cat I really hope you find something fabulous on the site to purchasing using the £50 voucher. I have no doubt you will find something amongst the many brands on offer.

I also want to say thank you to the girlies who entered my competition and posted about it on their blogs. I will be hosting a lot more giveaways this year for my readers as I think it's nice to give something back to you all- so look out for that.

I hope to see a post soon on Cat's blog about the item(s) she picks from Spartoo!

Happy Shopping!!


Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Wishlist: Christian Louboutin

Hi All!!

Neon brights are back in this Summer and once I saw these I fell in love....

Christian Louboutin why do you do this to me? I wish I could afford these!!


Blog Competition: £50 voucher giveaway CLOSED!

Hi All!!

So the opportunity to enter this competition has now closed, I will post tomorrow evening who the winner is after I have chosen the winning name out of a hat! I'm off to watch 'True Grit tonight with the other half otherwise I would announce the winner now!

I have my fingers crossed for you all!


Sunday, 13 February 2011

Outfit of the Night

Hi All!!

Here is a shot of my outfit from my night out on Thursday....

Dress: John Zack @ House of Fraser
Sequin Boots: River Island

I love te colour of this dress, it's so vibrant in person and for only £13.50 reduced from £45 it was a great bargain. Even better when I had a £50 House of Fraser voucher to use from winning a monthly competition at work! Hope you liked it!


Saturday, 12 February 2011

Spartoo Review: Timeless

Hi All!!

I ordered some ankle boots from the team over at Spartoo recently and I wanted to share with you my thoughts. You may have noticed I have ordered from the brand Timeless again which considering they have a great amount of cool brands on the site I didn't think quite possible.

I usually show you the original photo of the item from the website, however for some unknown reason I can not currently gain access to the website on this laptop. But below are the ankle boots I ordered......


I've wanted some brown boots in my shoe collectioin all winter so when I spotted these I was delighted that they are so cheap! If this was not a gifted item for me to review, I would definately have no hesitations in paying that amount for these boots..

I love that they have a cream furry lining on the inside and also the buttons down both sides with give you the option of buttoning the boots or turning the sides over.

The only negative I have about these boots are the quality of the inside lining, I think the material used could have been better? Maybe I am just being picky but I compared them to the Bronx boots I received from Spartoo and the inside lining of those are lush! Apart from that I have no problems!

These are very comfy, keep my feet warm and go with many casual outfits such as leggings etc. I would recommend you go and check out the ankle boots that Spartoo have on offer. Also don't forget to check out the rest of the items in the Timeless range!

P.S Enter my £50 shoe voucher giveaway just click here for details - competition ends Monday 14th February! ♥

Outfit of the Night

Hi All!!

Here's an outfit I wore one of the nights I went out at Centre Parcs- Sherwood Forest last weekend.......

Blazer: Dolce & Gabbana
Blouse: Cow Vintage
Tuxedo trousers: ASOS
Shoeboots: Miss Diva

I love power suits and I definately think this fits that style. I think it was the right outfit for the night which consisted of American style food and wine! The trousers are quite stretchy around the waist to I had no restrictions and ate til my heart was content hehe!

P.S Enter my £50 shoe voucher giveaway just click here for details ♥

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Spartoo Spotlight: Miss Sixty

Hi All!!

Whilst I was checking out the Spartoo website I came across one of my favourite brands Miss Sixty! I have never really seen heels from the brand so was intrigued to see what Spartoo had to offer. I was quite impressed; this brand can be quite out there and funky when it comes to the design of clothes I found that the heels are quite cute

The range offers a selection of heels for many occasions but it has to be said not all but this is my own personal opinion. Many of the heels on offer I would suggest are great for daytime wear, there is not a great option for those heels that would set off a party outfit. Having said this I am in no way putting down the brand or the selection, I have spotted a few heels that I would personally purchase exactly for the reason I have suggested above, to wear in the daytime.

I think it's nice to have a pair of heels that set off any casual outfit and the range Miss Sixty currently have to offer via Spartoo is great for this.

Here are some heels I like.....
What do you think? I would definately suggest you check out the rest of the range!

P.S Enter my £50 shoe voucher giveaway just click here for details ♥

Trends: Matte Nail Polish

Hi All!!

Incase you didn't notice the look at the moment for your nails is Matte nail polish! I wasn't too sure about this trend at first but it has grown on me the more shades I have seen available to purchase and experiment with.

I have just recently bought black and purple from Avon and will be sure to post a pic of my Nails rocking the trend soon.

Here are some that I liked......

Images sourced from Google

I personally love the polishes in shades of black and grey!
What do you think of the trend?


Please vote for me: Company/River Island Casting Call

Hi All!!

As a massive fan of Company magazine I was so excited to see the lastest competition for the readers to get involved with. The magazine is currently running a competition to find real readers to appear in the Company magazines real readers edition.

Twelve girls will be picked to take part in this great opportunity and as you all know already I am due to appear in the High Street Edition next month but couldn't resist to enter this competition!

I need your help though as I really love modelling and love Company and River Island I would really appreciate it if you could help me ou and vote for me?

All you have to do is click here and vote for me and if you want to click the Facebook 'LIKE' buttons you can do this also!

If you vote please let me know :o)


Thursday, 3 February 2011

Hair of the Night

Hi All!!

Quick post really but I wanted to show you a better photo of how I did my hair for the charity event...

I have in my clip in hair extensions and I curled the bottom 3/4inches

I simply cliped both sides of my hair back and gave myself a side swept fringe

I hope you liked it!

The Rockette's 'Big Night Out' Charity Event Photos!

Hi All!!

So our charity event for Macmillan Cancer and British Heart Foundation took place last weekend and it was a great success!! We raised.....


I am so proud to have been apart of it and to raise that amount is fantastic!! We actually ran out of raffle tickets on the night and and to go and buy more haha! The venue was a sell out and some people had to stand because there were not enough seats!! We have now split the money in half and sent both cheques to the charities now which is fantastic!

I just wanted to share the good news and show you some photo's of the night...

In between us performing I wore the colours of both charities Green and Red in support of them, but as you can see in the last photo I had to take my heels because my feet hurt so bad! Hosting an event is not easy, we were all knakerd by the end of the night.

It was all worth it in the end!