Wednesday, 28 September 2011

A late posting and the reason why...

Hi All!!!

This post is very late for me to be posting as this photo was actually taken about a month or so ago?! Basically there is a story behind why this photo has not been posted sooner and to be honest it reminds me of a very horrific night. For those of you who don't know me personally or follow me on twitter I was assaulted by a guy the same night this photo was taken.

Long story short two guys started on my boyfriend and one of them turned onto me. Fortunatley they were both arrested and cautioned by the police, unfortunately my boyfriend was too. I chose not to press chargers any further on this man, or should I say boy, as the whole case would have had to go to court and with my boyfriend attempting to get into the army a court case with fighting wouldn't go down well. I know sods law!!

But I am ok and luckily for me I received no visible bruises etc but the hurt actually lay within. You know me guys I never post stuff like this but as it is my blog and I have been speaking to many of you for years now I am sure you will all understand.

But here is a look I wanted to show you all and now I am not angry anymore of the memory this photo or any others of that night bring me....

Inner Eye: Barry M 'Old Gold'
Eyelid: MAC 'Da Bling'
Outer Eye: MAC 'Parfait Armour'

I hope you liked this look.


Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Outfit Inspiration

Hi All!!

This inspirational outfit is made up with items from River Island, Topshop and Urban Outfitters. The weather is getting a tad bit chilly for my liking so I thought I would create an outfit that reflects this....

What are your thoughts?


Nails of the Week: French Manicure

Hi All!

As much as I love having my nails done with some wicked nail art sometimes it's nice to just have a simple french manicure. It's quite unusual for me to have this and you may have guessed right, I had them done for the wedding.


My Mom's Wedding

Hi All!!

On Saturday 24th September 2011 my mother, Jeni married a wonderful man called Michael. I have gained a step-father and step-sister and I couldn't be happier! I just wanted to upload a few photos for you all to see of what I could get of the day/night. Being a bridesmaid I didn't always have access to my camera as you would do being a guest.

Take a peek.....

I adored my bridesmaid dress and doesn't Richard look dashing in his bowtie and suit?

What a lovely day!


Saturday, 24 September 2011

My mom gets married today!!

Hi All!!

Very quick post as I have a lot to do today but today is the day my mom gets married, how exciting!!!!


Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Polyvore: Outfit Inspiration

Hi All!!

I mentioned in a previous post here that I would post some inspirational outfits of my thigh high boots for you guys. Well I decided i'm going to start posting a new series of posts call 'Outfit Inspiration' and I will be doing this via Polyvore.

I always see bloggers using this site to create different styles and so I am going to start using this too. I think this will be really helpful when I have a certain style in mind but I don't own an item(s) and rather then me going out to buy it purposely for a post, I can just create it here. I think it was also be great for anyone looking for something different.

So here is my first inspirational outfit based around thigh high boots...

What do you think?


Birthday Gifts: My blingin' Heels

Hi All!!

I was going to do a post with photos of everything I was given for my birthday but to be honest I just wanted to show you all these...

Heels: Schuh

For every birthday in the office at work my colleagues and I always put money towards purchasing a gift for the birthday girl/boy. As it was my turn to have a birthday they all put together and got me a voucher for Schuh so that I was able to buy the above heels which I had been lusting after for months! They also got my cupcakes rather then a big birthday cake and a birthday card!

More photos of the heels.....

So yes I wont be posting photos but I will tell you however what else I was given...
♥ Ann Summers Birthday Dress from Richard
♥ Holiday to Tenerife for 4 people for 3 nights from mom
♥ Gold Straighters from mom (unsure of brand but flippin' brill straightners)
♥ River Island Vouchers
♥ 2x Bottles of Champagne
♥ Money
♥ Bits and bobs!


Tuesday, 20 September 2011

The Show: Redefinition

Hi All!!

Something fabulous is about to hit the West Midlands. If you are around between 23rd - 25th September which is THIS WEEKEND then why don't you head on down to the UK's most visited shopping centre which is the Bullring Centre! Why, you ask? As part of Style Birmingham Live The Show: Redefinition will be unveiled to all soon!! All that is known now is that fashion and technology will be combined in a stunning display.

Real-life and holographic models blur the boundaries between reality and illusion in this truly unique catwalk show, whilst showcasing eight divine AW11 trends. The Show: Redefinition will use Musion 3D technology to create the illusion of a volumetric model on a holographic backdrop, whilst real-life models emerge onto the catwalk, including Britain’s Next Top Model 2010 winner, Tiffany Pisani, and another very special guest.

These are looks you’ve never seen before, as you’ve never seen them before; The Show: Redefinition takes inspiration from the key trends for AW11 including gothic-influenced Dark Romance combined with elegant 40s flair inspired by Hollywood luxe and beautiful silhouettes. Many of the centre’s shops, including Reiss, French Connection, Forever 21, COS, River Island and Kurt Geiger will take part in The Show: Redefinition with make-up provided by The Body Shop and hair created by Regis at Debenhams in Bullring.

I work in Birmingham City Centre and have seen the posters around for a few weeks and I have to admit I am intrigued by it all too. I mean just take a peek at this video advert....


It's all so hush hush really, isn't it? If you are interested in witnessing the event then head on over to for more information and to see if you can win exclusive tickets and giveaways.

As the event is taking place over three days you can see it at any of these times:

Friday 23rd September: 10.30am, 1pm, 3pm, 5.30pm

Saturday 24th September: 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm

Sunday 25th September: 11.30am, 1pm, 3pm


I'm going to see if I can get over there Friday so I might see you!



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Monday, 19 September 2011

My 25th Birthday Outfit

Hi All!!

As you all know I turned 25 Friday 16th September and gosh do I feel old haha! Well it was a relaxing day, and I have to say birthdays just dont seem as special as they used to when I was younger. This is only a quick post until I get some more time to post (yup still without a laptop) but here is my birthday dress....

Dress: Ann Summers
Heels: Schuh

Closer look at my make up and hair...

I decided to try out some different coloured hair extensions, it's gotten some mixed reviews but as long as I like it thats all that matters in my opinion!!

More photos of the night....

Look out for a post with all of my gifts!


Thursday, 15 September 2011

Nails of the Week and My 25th Birthday

Hi All!!

Take a look at my nails this week. I have applied the Kiss false nails (100 pack short/square) and painted them with Barry M polish.....

And as the title suggest yes my birthday is almost here, it is tomorrow!! I can't believe it has come around again so quickly! I will be turning 25years young.... my how time flies by!

Be sure to check out my birthday blog post coming soon! And also a post about my moms hen do which is also taking place this weeked!! Fun Times!!


Sunday, 11 September 2011

Haul: Over the Knee Platform Boots

Hi All!!

Check out my new boots, finally I got myself some suede over the knee boots to add to my collection and to make it even better they have a platform!!

I adore them

Me being the bargain queen again got these for only £5.99 from Forever 21! I'm thinking of posting a series of 'outfit of the day/night' in these boots soon as the A/W season is fast approaching i'm sure we will all be digging out our boots soon!

And theres no harm in posting some inspirational outfits right?


Website: Ellos

Hi All!!

I noticed a new online store called Ellos and I thought I would do a little review of their website for your attention. So I checked it out and I do believe some of you may be interested in some of the items available to purchase. Firstly if you are not familiar with the brand; Ellos is a Swedish on line catalogue store specialising in Scandinavian fashion which consists of "natural and simple designs, mixing layers of fabrics with thrills and stylish prints."

The first thing that impressed me were the Autumn/Winter 2011 trends that the website has chosen to display on the homepage. A couple of the oufits on there I would love to recreate myself and probably will this season, fab inspiration!

If you know me well you would know I had to take a look at the dresses for ladies section and there are a few items I would wear myself and you can take a peek at them here....

Overall I would say this website has something for everyone and is quite an on trend catalogue website. If you are interested in seeing more then head on over there you might find something nice! Also if you don't live in the UK they do ship to France, Russia, Norway, Finland and Denmark; so no excuses!! I hope you find something that suits you!

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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Spain 2011: Me and Richard

Hi All!!

Over in Spain me and Richard had these photos taken, not very good quality but a nice little souvenir I think...

I keep saying I want to do a proper professional photoshoot with an amazing photographer so I can have a nice canvas on the wall but he refuses. At least, in my eyes, this was kinda the first step to having it done.

Just need to get him on board with a fun shoot! We all know i'm comfortable being in front of the camera but Richard really isn't unless it's a drunk action shot but I reckon he works the camera well and looks pretty damn fine! Haha!


H&M £9.99 Slim Jeans and Outift of the Day

Hi All!!

I purchased some new jeans this week from H&M for only £9.99 which I couldn't resist and thought I would show you! Speaking of hauls I have a mini haul post coming up soon with some items I bought whilst in Spain so watch out for that.

Here are the jeans they are called 'Squin Slim' and i'm not 100% sure of the shade, I did originally want the lighter shade but they didnt have them in my size....

And here is what I wore today....

What bargains have you purchased this week?
I hope you liked it!


Website of the Month: The Crystal Boutique

Hi All!!

Whilst having a mooch around twitter I came across The Crystal Boutique's page and once again another website that had me drooling over the items. My first love - well don't tell Richard hehe - are shoes, the higher the better too! And seeing them all blinged up with crystals and glitter on this website made my heart gush!

Take a peek for yourself at these beauts and on the website...

Prices for the heels start from £75 upwards.

Not only do they bling out shoes but have some cute jewellery for sale, prices start from £6.50....

What are your thoughts?


Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Spain 2011: Holiday Photos

Hi All!!

As promised here are some pics of my holiday this year to Spain with my boyfriend, his sister and her husband....


Monday, 5 September 2011

Wishlist: Aztec Poncho/Blanket Cardigan

Hi All!!

So i'm back off my jollies and I definately have the holiday blues! Oh well at least I got to go on holiday this year I guess! I had a brilliant time and have some photos of my break in Spain that I will try and upload tonight or tomorrow.

Anyways as I have returned to crappy typical English weather my eyes are now set on my favourite season of the year which is Autumn.. don't get me wrong I love love love Summer but there is just something about the change in Season that I love. I have seen some pretty fab items I want to own for the upcoming colder weather and one in particular has to be the Aztec style Poncho or Blanket Cardigan. I first spotted these is Primark before I went abroad. I spotted them last year also but there wasn't a design that I REALLY liked until I took a look online.

Available from most high street stores but I have sourced these from Google....

I will definately be purchasing one of these!