Saturday, 21 January 2012

Guest Post: Fashion and Cancer

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Keeping in with Cancer Awareness as I previously posted about here I wanted to do another post for you all. Now this is the first time that I have had a guest post on my blog, I was approached by Jackie Clarke who was interested in talking about Fashion and Cancer together. So here is her post.....

Use Fashion to Gain the Power to Beat Cancer
By: Jackie Clarke

A cancer diagnosis can often feel like a death sentence for many women. There are many things that can contribute to a cancer prognosis, such as asbestos exposure, smoking or eating the wrong foods. Being told you have skin cancer; lung cancer, mesothelioma or any other serious cancer can make it easy for you to feel helpless and to give up quickly.

However, you should never give up when you have a network of beautiful people helping you to get through your treatments. In fact, you should try to look just as beautiful as these people act by focusing on fashion. Feeling beautiful in your own skin in spite of a cancer prognosis can help you achieve a power, strength and focus you may not have believed you could have in the face of such a serious condition.

Start by building a great wardrobe that highlights who you are and what you represent. Focus on colors that look great on you as well as fashion that highlight your strong areas. If you have nice legs, wear pants that show off their beauty. Jeans are a great way to show off your legs. Avoid sweat pants and other fashion faux paus, as these never look very good.

Build each outfit in your wardrobe around your strong areas. If you decide on jeans, try to choose shirts and accessories that go well with your jeans. Pick a series of colorful and beautiful shirts that highlight your skin tone, hair color and go well with your jean colors. Make sure to pick jewelry that looks great on you as well as accentuating your wardrobe.

Balance your wardrobe between formal outfits and casual outfits. This gives you the diversity to look great in any situation. Include hats into your outfit to look cute but don't wear hats just to hide hair loss. Hiding your loss reveals shame that you shouldn't feel about your condition. Keeping strong and gaining power through fashion requires showing off your strength with your fashion, not your weakness.

Slowly, you may find that you feel more confident. Your posture may improve and your self-esteem may grow. This is because you feel beautiful and are gaining the power and confidence to overcome your condition. Hold your head high and dress beautifully every day to stay focused on something besides your condition.

Focusing on something besides your condition is how you gain your strength. You are letting the world know that you won't be beaten down by cancer and that you are strong and beautiful. Use this knowledge, this power and this strength during the rough patches in your treatment. You may find you feel beautiful even during your cancer treatments.

I firstly want to thank Jackie for this guest post and hope that anyone out there who might have a form of Cancer and just happens to stumble across my blog feels that this post may help them in some way.


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