Thursday, 12 January 2012

Rant: The rules of wearing leggings

Hi All!!

I rarely do a post dedicated to a full rant, but sometimes I just have to! My last full rant around make up or fashion was a while ago based around false advertising so give me some credit.

Now the majority of us love wearing leggings; a staple item in our wardrobes. We can wear leggings with almost anything and in almost anyway possible. Having said this please be aware of the key word 'almost'!! Sometimes we have to remember that leggings although comfortable and easy to wear, they can be unflattering for some. We must also remember that there are certain rules if you like that we must remember when wearing leggings.

Take this image for instance....

Disclaimer: This image has been circulating on Twitter and the internet.
I did NOT take this photo and do NOT know who this person is.

There are many things this female is doing wrong, and although when I first saw this photo my initial reaction was to laugh after a while I started to think she is not the only culprit of this fashion disaster. I do not however feel sorry for this girl, if your opinion of me changes because I posted this photo firstly it is not to humiliate this girl, she did this herself by stepping out her house dressed like this. There are so many females around who do just the same thing and do not understand the importance of how to wear leggings correctly, especially thin leggings.

Please read my view on the following of how I believe leggings should be worn:

Leggings come in different thickness depending on where you purchase them just like tights. Always stretch a pair of leggings over your hand to see if your skin/hand is visible from the other side, this way you know what can be seen when wearing them. Remember how a pair of leggings look on and off are completely different depending on your size. The thinner the leggings the more skin and underwear can be seen to a passer by.

Always cover your bum
If you choose to wear thin leggings always always always cover your bum there are no if, buts or maybes on this topic it just has to be done. We do not want to see your underwear hence the above photo. If however you are wearing a bralet or crop top for instance on a night out make sure your leggings are of the thick style. I personally believe you can wear thick leggings without covering your bum, pureply because your underwear will not be on show.

If you choose to wear black leggings then try and wear black knickers underneath, again we can see your fuschi pink french knickers and we really don't want to. If you argue this point see the above photo again!! I wont go into personal hygiene for 'that time of the month' it is all personal preference but use this photo as a reference of the possibilities!

So there we have it my own rant on this topic! I see this more and more as each day passes and it won't ever change as some people seem just don't understand.

What are your views on this?



Sharon said...

Great post hun,its good that u highlight this subject some pple need to learn for real. I wonder whether their family&friends ever notice. Its disgusting seriously but then again some pple are happy flaunting their g-strings in public drawing attention !

Serenity of Beauty said...

First fail was not wearing a long enough top to wear over the leggings lol. I personally think that this girl genuinely didn't know that her undies and whatnot would be on show. She must've assumed because it's black, it covers all, which is not the case, as you've highlighted in your post; thickness is key in leggings!!

Good post though.

Cara Robinson said...

Haha I saw this pic on Twitter, poor woman! Why did no one stop and tell her!?
I always buy thicker leggings but then they go thin after a while, where do you think the best place to get them from is?
The only time I don't wear a long top is with leggings is when I'm at home, so I think I'm safe lol.
P.S. Love the new header :)

PrincessJasmine said...

I thought i was the only one who thought people didnt understand there are guidelines when it comes to wearing leggings/tights! I completely understand you on this one :)

Aleta Colucci said...

Pahahahaha!!!!! You made my day!!! That's hot!!! LOL~~~

Doma-Nikki said...

Thanks for all the comments! It is a shame no one told her but why did she not check in the mirror before leaving out really?

Cara- I would say places like Topshop, River Island and Miss Selfridges do the thickest imo :)