Saturday, 7 January 2012

Trends: The Midas Touch

Hi All!!

The current trend around at the moment is Gold! Whether you are wearing a key piece in entire gold such as a dress or speckles of the midas touch as your accessories you will be sure to stand out and glow amongst others.

Teaming gold with the biker trend by adding biker boots, studs and spikes will give your outfit a real edge. Alternatively if you team a key piece with the Romantic trend by adding cream blouses or dresses and over the knee socks will soften the look.

Check out some of the fabulous items from

The trend doesn't just stop at the clothes but also looks great when incorporated into your make-up.....

This is a look from the L'Oreal A/W 2011 collection and this look looks fabulous teamed with the berry lips! What are your thoughts?


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