Thursday, 15 March 2012

Review: Nip and Fab Dry Leg Fix

Hi All!!

Nip and Fab Dry Leg Fix

It's Purpose:
A cream to help get dry legs back on track, the website reads....

This intensive balm immediately smoothes dry, flaky skin + nourishes with an innovative moisturising + restructuring hydraconcept (water concept) called Aquaxyl™, leaving super silky legs.

Aquaxyl™ boasts scientifically substantiated benefits to improve the water reserves in the skin, limit water loss and visually improve the surface of the skin.
•aquaxyl™ 24h moisture + shine
•shea butter restores moisture + elasticity
•glycerin softens + hydrates

My Opinion:
This product really does work well I am amazed by it because my legs have appeared to be going through a really bad time recently and feeling and looking dry for no apparent reason. I really wanted to sort it out asap and came across the brand on Twitter. At first I was a bit worried about spending £10.25 on this cream considering other brands are fairly cheaper but it really does work!

I have been using it everyday since purchased around a month ago, sometimes twice a day and my legs are in much better condition now then they were previously. If you can imagine that my (gay) best friend told me my legs looked like 'snake skin' before trying this cream and now he can see the difference then you really know that this cream does work.

I will definitely purchase this cream again and it is definitley worth the price! I have also had a browse of the other creams available and interested in seeing what they will do for me *thumbs up*


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