Thursday, 12 April 2012

I wish I had a body like hers!

Hi All!!

Whilst having a look through some blogs today I cam across the tumblr page for a HOT lady who goes by the name of Nic on the Femmes with Benefits blog....

Nic is a woman who's tumblr is mainly based around her fitness regimes and images that make me so so so jealous of her body! This is a very random blog post for me to do and I probably won't ever do it again but a I so want her abs and I think there's no harm in praising another female for doing something great!

Her figure reminds me of Ciara's actually, she is toned all over and not too muscular. In my opinion her body is just right and shows she works out regularly and STILL has womanly curves!

If you want to see more of her and about her fitness regime then make sure you head on over to her tumblr.

Images sourced from Nic's tumblr


Jennifer said...


Drey said...

her body is amazeballs

PrincessJasmine said...

you and me both! I follow her on tumblr im so jealous! :(

Karlene S. said...

yess! i follow her on tumblr, her body is amazing lol

lolita said...

I also came across her tumblr but i have to be honest i rather just have a flat stomach them abs like hers, but she's stunning though x

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