Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Wishlist: Vivienne Westwood Blue Suede Heels

Hi All!!

I spotted these lush Vivienne Westwood in Urban Outfitters the other day and just had to share them with you all.....

These babies cost around £270 if I remember correctly, out of my price range but for now I will just admire them from afar.



just one more mascara ... said...

hi I fell in love with these and decided to google them .
i found them on amazon for £128 , incase you were looking for a lower price, still crazy expensive though !


Stacie said...

I love these too.. Did yoou try them on? Super comfy. I also adore the peep toe Melissa's - Some people hate them but I think they are amazing with little dresses in the summer.

Stacie x


Doma-Nikki said...

Thanks for letting me know there are some cheaper around :)

No didnt try them on but they are so lush! x