Sunday, 13 May 2012

My obsession with the TK Maxx

Hi All!!

Yesterday I took a trip with my mom to TK Maxx for a mooch around. I don't know about you guys but I really am obsessed with the Home Decor department in this store, i'm exactly the same way when I go to Ikea or Muji. The thing I love about TK Maxx re the random unique pieces you can buy and the mad discount you get on all the items!! For example my Nan gave me a luxury towel for Christmas last year which is worth around £90 but she only paid roughly £18 for it!! Everyone loves a bargain right?

I wanted to show you some items I saw yesterday that really caught my eye....

I love this 'Rule Britannia' theme

My Mom bought this letter holder for the farm and is really fits in with that style

This canvas frame has great sentiment 

These Bull Dog book ends are so different 

 Well this speaks for itself really; 'Live Laugh Love' all it needed was Fashion' on the end to go with my blog 

And here is what I actually bought...

Medium box £3.99
Large box £4.99

As you may remember earlier this year I decided to redecorate my bedroom. I chose the Turquoise theme hence the above boxes, however this project was left for a while and I still haven't finished redecorating it. Hopefully I will have it finished by the end of May and then you all can see what i've done to it.

Do you love TK Maxx a much as I do? Whats your favourite Home Decor store?



Meowcake said...

Those boxes are lovely! <3

Kelbelle said...

I love the home department too! I very rarely check out the clothes in T K Maxx but always go to the make up/beauty section, they have lots of E.L.F and Stila at really reasonable prices at my local store, and then I always take a look at the homeware because they have some really pretty and unique pieces, and discounted yankee candles! :)