Thursday, 21 June 2012

Bloggers Beware of Copycats

Hi All!

First things first - Domanique is NOT happy!!!

I wanted to highlight something for all my readers attention as I accidentally came across this blog today whilst searching for my nickname of all things on Google. Notice anything familiar on there? Yes those are my blog posts.

If you go through this blog you will see that the majority of my blog posts and possibly from other bloggers have been copied and pasted here. Now I do not know who runs this blog nor do I have a contact name or email address to get in touch with them. However what I will say if YOU are the owner of this blog I am not very happy with you.

Why? I would not be writing this blog post if YOU; the owner of that blog had credited me for all the posts that are on there that are mine! Which is looks like three years worth since I started my own blog back in 2009. If you had linked all these posts back to Live Laugh Love Fashion which is the rightful home of these posts then I would not be angry at all, I would be very happy that someone out there is helping network my blog. If you are reading this, I would like you to do one of the following;
1. Remove every blog post written by myself and this will be the end of it
2. Credit every blog post with the following under my nickname 'This posts orignal source;' and I will be happy with your networking help

If you do not comply with the above or contact me to explain why you have done this via email I will be taking this to Blogger Support.

To my readers; please make sure your posts are safe and not copied by checking this blog. I know we can not always help where our content ends up but I want everyone to be aware of this.

Finally; thank you to ladies on Twitter (@Doma_Nikki) who have been tweeting myself and others about this. Follow me on there and the #bbloggers hashtag for any updates that may not be posted here. From now moving forward I will try and watermark all photos and include links to Live Laugh Love Fashion somewhere in each post to protect myself from this again. If you can please point me in the right direction of a website to watermark images I would appreciate this?

Lets work together on this ladies and gents!



katie. said...

Wow, that is absolutely shocking! Can't believe someone would do that! Good luck solving this :) xx

Heidi-likes said...

Poor you! This is so annoying, i had a girl copy one of my posts a few weeks ago - i was not happy! grrrr x

Nida Moughal said...

I cant believe people do this also =(