Friday, 29 June 2012

Splurge vs Save: Platform Heels

Hi All!!

So the platform heels, boots and wedges are all in trend at the moment but if you don't have £100+ to spend on Jeffrey Campbell footwear which started off the recent trend then why not take a peek at these splurge vs save options......

Jeffrey Campbell American Flag Boots £102.53

SAVE USA Boots £33.59

Jeffrey Campbell Corleone Wedges £112.14

Chockers Superstar Wedges £40

Jeffrey Campbell Damsel Spikes £133.29

SAVE Studded Boots £49.99

Jeffrey Cambell Napoles Sneakers £126.88

Chockers Max Sneakers £39.99

As you might remember I already have those USA as a cheaper alternative to the Jeffrey Campbell style. I think if you don't have the money to spend on the brand then there is no harm in purchasing the cheaper alternative. However I do adore the Corleon wedges, they are beautiful!

Which do you prefer?