Saturday, 18 August 2012

Olympic Style: Gold, Silver and Bronze

Hi All!!

So it has been almost a week since the Olympics ended and I have to say I am well and truly missing it. Before it started I was not really interested in watching it but I got hooked on almost the very first day and then watched it everyday once I got home from work, or all day on the weekends if I wasn't busy.

I was really sad to see those two weeks fly by so fast and I think Team GB did us proud - oh and I have to praise Team Jamrock too (as part of my heritage is Jamaican) I cheered on both teams...I reckon I leaned towards GB more though when I could haha!

Since the Olympics have finished and the Para Olympics are due to start I thought I would do a post with them both in mind for some inspiration. Instead of doing a 'Go Team GB Go' post with the Union Jack as inspiration like I did for the Queens Jubilee, I thought I would post some Gold, Silver and Bronze inspirational items.

Take a peek at these....




All items are currently on sale at which also has a 50% off selected items sale. So if you fancy wearing the gold, silver or bronze in celebration of the Olympics and Para Olympics then I hope this post is of some help to you.


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