Thursday, 16 August 2012

Website: Huxton

Hi All!!

In need of a new clothing website? Interested in finding something different to add to your wardrobe? Well look no further then Huxton. A fairly new brand founded by two ladies; Joanna Lingham and Rebecca Pikard and they have set out to make unique pieces available for the general public.

As the website states:

"The Huxton collection is designed for women who love to express their personality through their style and who have the courage to wear something eye-catching and bold. Huxton is ‘Fashion for Free Living’ and the Huxton woman does not conform, she is strong, indepedent and she dares to live life on her own terms.
All of our designs are produced in limited quantities of between 20 and 50 units, the garments really are unique pieces and we pride ourselves on this. We constantly add new designs to the collections as we want you to have something new to choose from every month."

Take a peek at my favourite items from the site...

My favourite is the maxi dress...very lush I would love to own that!! What do you like?

If you like the look of these items then head on over to the website now!


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