Sunday, 23 September 2012

Review: Imperial Leather LE Shower Cream

Hi All!!

Imperial Leather LE Butterfly Lily shower cream with Jojoba Pearls

It's Purpose:
A limited edition in the Blissful range which states:

'Prepare for a truly pampering experience. Blissful, combines beautiful fragrances with delicate pearls infused with moisturising Jojob oil, in our luxurious shower cream. Our scrumptious formulation will leave your skin feeling radiant with a renewed sense of wellbeing. 

Butterfly Lily is known for it's gentke, soothing properties, while Jojoba has been used for centuries as a natural aid to nourish skin.'

My opinion:
I was attracted to the bright packaging of this product, I usually love using Imperial Leather shower creams or gels so when I saw this edition which is fairly new around I decided to try it. Having smelt the fragrance there and then in store, which I have to say smells divine, I had to purchase it.

After using the shower cream I can give you all my honest opinion... I can not fault it. My skin really did feel smooth and the main thing for me that makes me really like this product is that my skin was left with a lovely scent even after drying. I think I will stock up on more of these before this LE is off the market for good. *thumbs up*

Look how quickly I have gotten through the bottle.......


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