Thursday, 31 January 2013

Face of the Day: Smiles all around

Hi All!!!

Here's a rare shot of me SMILING.....

Growing up I wore braces to get my teeth straight after a botched job at the emergency dentist when I fell over aged 9 and chipped both of my two front teeth. Ever since then I have always felt paranoid about doing open mouth smiles. Even with straight teeth I still rarely do it, that's why if you take a peek through my blog you will notice 98% of them I have my mouth closed. Sometimes I don't even think I know how to smile properly! Ha ha! But more recently I have started to embrace the dreaded open mouth smile!

Anyways this is just a quick face of the day photo, you can just about see my wavy hair from briefly using my Babyliss hair wand (review/tutorial coming soon).

But for those of you who feel like me every now and then, why don't you do a post like this and link back to me... I would be intrigued on your thoughts on something not many people have issues with. I actually like this photo of me smiling open mouthed and this is rare.

Hope you liked.



mariel janina said...

You look so gorgeous, you definitely should smile with teeth out more, your smile is so pretty :)

Doma-Nikki said...

Thank you so much :) xx

Henessy said...

You look beautiful and you have a beautiful smile too xx