Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Review: 'Take 3' Payment Plan

Hi All!

Sometimes we see things in store or online, we want them so badly but just can't quite afford it there and there or can't justify spending a certain amount on an item in one go. This is where the online catalogue payment plans - when used wisely - help out a great deal.

I want to share my experience of using the Take 3 payment plan last year before Christmas with you all for anyone who might have thought of using this option or never knew about it.

Before Christmas I was looking for a party dress for my works Christmas party, I decided I really wanted the Lipsy VIP but I couldn't afford to buy it there and then so I opted for the Take 3 plan.

I have never used this plan with Very before or catalogues and it really was one of the easiest options. After placing my order around 4pm Thursday night the dress arrived by 10am Friday morning - super fast delivery! I honestly felt really bad because I hadn't even made my first payment yet but the dress was lovely and you can see here I wore it to the work Christmas party....

My overall thoughts on this plan is great (as long as you stick to it) because I was given a time scale on when each payment is due and a minimum amount I needed to pay - this is confirmed in your statement before you receive the item. And if you are like me you will be fine, I stuck to those dates/fees and set reminders for myself, I also got email reminders from Very themselves..... and within three months the dress was officially mine.

I would definiately use this again and i'm already thinking about doing it to get a new TV for my room. I would never take silly advantages of this though as I think some people get themselves into an awful amount of debt using catalogues. Honestly as long as you stick to the dates and minimum payment given its really simple.

Has anyone else used this plan with Very before, what did you think?


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