Thursday, 10 April 2014

All things Quirky

Hi All!

So I'm a big fan of all things quirky - I love to purchase, own and rock anything that stands out. Who else out there agrees with me, I can't be the only one? Well I thought i'd share a couple of items I adore....

'Trust No Man' Necklace
I purchased this last year at the Clothes Show Live 2013 and at the time I was VERY single and thought what the hell, I've had no luck for a while this rings true for me And then almost three weeks later I met my now boyfriend and haven't really worn it since... typical! I do love this though - lets hope the bf doesn't prove it to be right again!

Moustache & Geek Glasses Watch
This lil beaut was purchased at Forever 21 (Toronto, Canada) and goes with a fair few outfits. I think anything with moustache and geek glasses on are a given item of the 'quirk' ... do you wear anything geeky or with a notable moustache on?

Cat Ear Headband
I was given this by my Aunty last Christmas, she knows I'm mad about cats and bunnies...... and well all types of animals to be fair! I don't really think there's much else I can say about it really, but I know if I wore it out as often as I want to I would more then likely get a few odd looks!

What do you think about 'quirky' items? Share your posts dedicated to quirky items in the comments section!


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