Sunday, 13 April 2014

Outfit of the Day: Faux Fur Collar Jacket

Hi Everyone!

Like many I am a tiny bit obsessed with Faux Fur collar everything right now.... yes even though we are into Spring and well on our way to Summer... but I can't help but want to wear it all the time.

I own two faux fur collared jackets and one of them is this lovely one from River Island. It's great too because it's not really thick enough to be classed as a coat, it couldn't protect me from bad weather and has no buttons to be able to do it up. I can remove the fur collar if I wish to also wear it like a blazer.......

Jacket - River Island
Jeggings - H&M
Converse - Vintage
Top - Primark

This was a gift from my Dad for Christmas - yes I chose it lol - but this week was only the second time I have worn it since then as it's been too cold. I'm going to say expect to see this jacket in a fair few outfit posts throughout the year and keep our eyes peeled for my other one.

What are your thoughts on this outfit and faux fur collar coats/ jackets? Do you own any?


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