Tuesday, 19 August 2014

How to: Three ways to wear your box braids in an up do

Hi Lovelies!

So hands up which of my readers love box braids? Oh good, me too!

When I have my hair in box braids, most of the time I have to admit I do have my hair styled up and out the way. Why? Because let's face it, it does get in the way. I wanted to share with you three ways I like to wear my box braids in an up do when I have my hair braided.

Big messy bun
This style is pretty simple to achieve; all you need to do is pull the braids through your hair bobble  but not all the way through and leave it handing loose, then tuck in any straggly ends underneath and voila!

To accessorize or not
A simple donut bun is neat and tidy but can be spruced up with a headscarf/bow, just make sure you pin away any escaping strands of braids that try  to mess up this look.

 Quirky Bun
If you fancy something different why not try half you hair up in a twist bun and the rest down.

Will you be trying any of these looks? If you need a tutorial video/step by step of any of them please leave a comment.


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Tanya said...

Nice styles.