Monday, 25 August 2014

Review: Collection 2000 Super Size Fat Lash Mascara

Hi All!!

Recently I have been trying out different mascara's to see if I can find a cheaper alternative - I am trying to do this with a fair bit of my make up selection. I have been quite successful with the blush/bronzer and I'm still pondering over if the cheaper alternative to my MAC Studio Fix foundation is better - check out the link and leave a comment if you know of a better dupe for this pretty please!

Anyway; I purchased the Collection 2000 Super Size Fat Lash mascara and here is my full review

It's Purpose
- The only magic wand you'll need for a fabulous lash look!
- Super volumising formula and brush.
- Creates bigger, bolder and super-sized lashes.

My Opinion
I spotted this mascara for only £2.99 in Boots the other week, after being attracted to the bright colour of the container I immediately checked out the brush size and length.

I have been so used to using lengthening mascaras with a much bulkier brush that using this quite thin brush was something I had to adapt to - but I guess some would say the results are in the technique too.

So here are some results after use...

As you can see it does give a reasonable length and also goes on really well. The brush is very comfortable to use but thinner then what I am used to using....

However for me the overall effect isn't 'super sizing' which disappointed me.I would say this mascara is for everyday use to add a bit of definition to my lashes. The only other downside of this mascara is that if you don't purchase the waterproof one you can be left with residue throughout the day once used on the lower lashes....

I have never experienced this with another mascara no matter how cheap it is and I was quite shocked that this happened more then once so now I don't risk wearing it on my lower lashes and I don't want people to think I've been randomly crying. So if you are going to buy this I would suggest getting the waterproof version just in case. I guess the search for my cheap dupe to lengthening mascara's is so still on.

Anyone else used this, what are your thoughts?


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