Monday, 18 August 2014

Topic: Things that will never grace my wardrobe

Hi Wonderfuls!

I wanted to post something a little bit different today, instead of talking about items I admire or own I thought a quick post dedicated to the items in 'fashion' that I would never personally wear would mix it up a bit. There will always be items that come in and out of trend that some of us love and others dislike hate.... and here are mine!

Bum Bags/Fanny packs
Whatever you want to call them I don't care if they're convenient, I don't care if you stud them up, splash glitter on them etcetcetc in my opinion these should only be worn by grandad's!

Harem Pants
I can't pull these off and never considered trying to be honest, they make my thighs look huge. If I could pull them off like Princess Jasmine can then maybe I'd give them a shot however I really don't fancy resembling Aladdin so I steer clear.

Do I really need to leave an explanation for why I wouldn't wear these? Really!

Real Fur
A controversial and sometimes hypocritical stances for those who do eat meat but I am against hunting animals as a sport and wearing their beautiful so you will NEVER see me wear real fur.

What would you never wear?


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