Tuesday, 30 September 2014

My Birthday Gifts

Hi Sweets!

Another year older and my goodness I can not believe I am fast approaching my thirties..... how on Earth are my twenties coming to an end so suddenly? I still can not grasp the idea of it all but I guess I might as well get on with it!

Well I had a lovely Birthday as I spent the day with my boyfriend, parents and some friends. I wanted to share with you just a handful of the fabulous items I receied, because they really do deserve to be shared.

Lipsy Jumpsuit
The fella got me this fabulous jumpsuit which got me a lot of lovely compliments. It's from the Michelle Keegan range and fits so well.

Michael Kors Wellies
I used some of my birthday money to purchase these great finds in none other then TK Maxx, it's great what you can find in there sometimes.

PA System
My mom got me a new PA system for my singing gigs, I have yet to try it all out yet but very happy with them and even better they have lights that flash in beat with songs played.

Dorothy Perkins Heels
My housemate gave me these cute nude heels, I wore them out recently on a night out to Nottingham and they were quite comfortable but only for a few hours and then they became a tad painful.

So thats just a peak at what I got, some fab gifts and I definitely felt spoilt this year! I would say roll on next year but I don't want to wish another year away!


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Becky Boo said...

WOW you look amazing in that jumpsuit and those boots are gorgeous xx